​​The Historic Ebenezer A.M.E. Church

Message from the Pastor

An Encouraging Word


Throughout the daily comings and goings of our lives, God's love remains the same.  We must remember that God is at the beginning of all things,  and at the end of all things.  We therefore must seek Him in all our doings.


We live in perilous times, where wars and rumors of war, are discussed daily.  But the peace and joy of Christ balance the scales of life and give us hope against the negative influences.  I pray that  you are not troubled or afflicted in your life, but if you are or have been, let me introduce you to the One who is above all others. 


Jesus Christ is the answer to all the world's problems, and He is the answer to yours as well.  I can't tell you what He will do for you, but I can tell you what He's done for me.   

Now is the season for redemption, reconnection, repentance, and resurrection.  It is time for you to come into the shore and cast your anchor in the streams of the living waters. 

Come and spend some time in the presence of the Most High.  We invite you to forget what is behind you, and to press forward towards the mark, which is the prize of the High Calling in Jesus Christ. 


We will be here for you.

The Rev. Mickarl Thomas